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Brave Igorot Soldier Risks His Own Life to Save Hostages From Maute Group

Igorot PMAyer Captain Jeff Buada deserves more than the Medal of Valor for his bravery in saving hostages during the cruel Marawi battle.

By Brando on Oct 27, 2017


There are so many things going on in a soldier's mind when they face the enemies at war. The sagacity of honoring their country, leadership, training, freedom, to fight for those who are helpless, and the list goes on. Each soldier has their own set of reasons and decisions that made them to a point where they are in a battle field.

One of the best examples of heroism is the Igorot PMA graduate (Maragtas Class 2007), CPT. Jeff Buada, 33, and assigned in the 15th Scout Ranger Company. He deserves more than the Medal of Valor for his bravery last October 19, 2017 during the Marawi battle. He put his firearm down, removed his helmet, implored the die-hard terrorists and asked all military units to have a cease fire in order for them to rescue the helpless hostages thus successfully brought them in the hospital and in the safety zone. This took place from 11:00 in the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon. After everyone was rescued, the fighting recommenced.

Cpt. Jeff Buada, 33

Captain Jeff Buada, 33

A father of two and a husband — his wife disclosed that he only had a month of recovering from a knee injury by a bullet occurring before in Marawi. He decided to return in Marawi to fight with his men and to serve his country.

When his wife learned about his bravery in Marawi, she cried and takes great pride for what his husband did in serving the Filipino people.

Truly an act of patriotism.

Truly an act of patriotism.

The act of patriotism is amazing, because, not only that they keep the knowledge that their fellow soldiers are depending on them but also to save the lives of those who are powerless in the battlefield.

A lot of us may not realize how much sacrifices our soldiers made before engaging to war, per se, having the impression of getting shot in the head, lose their limbs, die or even mental issues after the war but they continue to risk their lives every day to give us the freedom and protect our families and country from anyone who tries to bring an uproar in it.

Indeed, surpassing the definition of courage. KUDOS!

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Credits to Ma'am Codilla

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