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Igorotage Apps: Unsophisticated Apps And Tools We Built And Share

Igorotage Apps are unsophisticated apps and tools that we built and we love to share them to the public. Of course they're free!

These apps and tools have been discontinued since you can pretty much find similar apps online.

Introducing the Igorotage apps!

Over the past years, I've been developing Igorotage as the biggest social networking site for Cordillerans. The main goal is to get all Cordillerans to join our online community and to promote the Igorot identity along with the beauty of the Cordilleras.

Pretty ambitious right? hard could that be?

While growing this community, I've been also building small tools as part of the admin toolbox to help me nurture this community and to help me scratch my own itch.

I thought, there could be someone out there that experiences the same "itch" as me. Maybe, and maybe, atleast I could help them?

Today, I'm happy to share some of those tools and I hope that you somehow find them useful. Some of these tools are offered by other online services as paid apps, but here at Igorotage, I'm sharing them to you for free.


Engage the mind and soul with thousands of inspirational and famous quotes we've collected. A simple yet powerful app.

2. Feeder

A simple and free feed reader that extracts anything from a snippet of information to the full story from your favorite sources. Perfect for reading your favorite news provider.

3. Watermarker

Need to add your logo to an image? Watermarker is a simple and highly opinionated watermarking tool that paste a given image source or text over an image.

4. OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

A simple, smooth and free tool that extracts readable text from an image source. Displays editable output for later use.

These are just some of the tools I've made publicly available for now. You can browse all available apps and ideas here.

I hope you find them useful!

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