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Igorot woman works as a mission supervisor for astronauts

Gwendolyn Pascua, from Kalinga and Mountain Province works as a mission supervisor for astronauts at the European Space Agency in Switzerland.

Gwendolyn Pascua, from Tabuk, Kalinga and Natonin, Mountain Province is a Project Planning and Coordination, Operation Lead Engineer and a Ground Controller at BIOTESC in Switzerland.

Gwendolyn, who is in her 30s and married to a Frenchman named Demoulin, said it was a dream career in which she had invested most of her adult life.

She completed a Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics at the University of the Philippines (UP) in Diliman in 2005, taking basic courses in instrumentation and fiscal economics.

She earned a Master of Science in Physics, also in UP, and was accepted in 2008 for master's degree courses at Universite de Rennes I in France and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat in Munchen, Germany.

Gwendolyn Pascua, serving as a ground controller at Biotechnology Space Support Center (Biotesc) in Lucerne University in Switzerland.

Gwendolyn Pascua, serving as a ground controller at Biotechnology Space Support Center (Biotesc) in Lucerne University in Switzerland.

Out of this world

Traveling in space would have been almost impossible without the team of people on earth facilitating the smooth and safe transportation of astronauts from the ground to outer space.

For astronauts to successfully carry out a mission, they need experts, engineers and scientists to closely monitor and oversee the entire operation of space.

Those are some of the critical roles of people working in a Mission Control Center such as the Biotechnology Space Support Center (BIOTESC) at Lucerne University in Switzerland where Gwendolyn Pascua currently works.

BIOTESC is one of seven space-services and operations centers of the European Space Agency (ESA) tasked to guide scientists conducting experiments with astronauts and the International Space Station. So the young Kalinga works closely with astronauts. Is it really close? wink

“We prepare [the astronauts’] experiments and procedures starting from planning their experiments, coordinating with scientists and payload developers. We do all the necessary tests on the ground before they are sent to the ISS (International Space Station), ”Pascua said. - Estanislao Albano Jr via.

Pascua was at BIOTESC's Mission Control Center successfully flying Thomas Pequet aboard the Soyuz MS-03 on November 17 last year.

Thomas Pequet was the first French Astronaut from the European Space Agency (ESA) to fly into space aboard the Soyuz spacecraft on the ISS for a six-month space trip under the European Proxima mission project.

Being an astronaut has been a goal for Gwendolyn since she was young and now all the efforts and sacrifices she has made to pursue her dream are slowly coming true now that she is working with a well-known space agency in Europe.

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Congratulations Gwen and proud parents and all behind your success.. God bless.

Aug 18, 2019

Proud that you are a imajukayong (from Maducayan)

Aug 18, 2019

From a kalinga and mountain province tribe..

Aug 20, 2019

mostly man nga friend ko nga taga-Kalinga ket nalaing da ti Math kakasjai

Dec 30, 2019

What should we call an Igorot who has become an astronaut?

Igoronaut? hehe

Jan 14

Igorota power!

Jan 23
Facebook user
Facebook User

Igorotage page please kindly complete your description he is Half Mountain Province and Kalinga..

Mother is from Mountain Province Father is from Kalinga

Dec 27, 2019
Facebook user
Facebook User

Very happy and proud the first ever Astronauts that hails from Asia..... i will kiss the ground you step into as a sign of respect and honour.... we igorots commend you highly of your unsurpassable achievement. ... and being a Filipino...

Dec 30, 2019
Facebook user
Facebook User

She stand as whole not only in Kalinga, Mountain Province or Cordillera but whole Philippines....

Dec 28, 2019
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