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My first travel to Mt. Province

At age 55 I first stepped on where my father left his footprints.

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I am being trained to be a worker in our church. There was so much excitement in me to attend every seminar and activities given to us. We listen to so much wisdom and lessons, I have never heard before. Being a worker trainee in this place feels so humbling. discovering that there are so much to learn and so much waisted time spent in my life.

Time came for us to be destined to places. My first travel was at Ambuklao. It will be the first time for me to see the place, the trip going there was with my host who just had a dialysis done and we are traveling by ambulance. With her are two other patients. The trip took about three hours on a narrow zigzag road with terrain up an down and around mountains. We arrived safe; thanks be to God.

One day, our coordinator was smiling at me in a silly like teasing manner. My co-worker trainees look at me with bright, delighted eyes. Then our coordinator softly said to me; "How would you like to be assigned in Abatan, Buguias, and Mt. Province?"

My jaw droped. I held my breath longer than usual; looked at my co-workes who are all smiles bursting into geegles, excited to hear me answer. "Yes...Yes...Yes. What took you so long to ask?"

So, all my bags are packed. I'm ready to go!

Sis Imelda, my co worker assigned in Abatan, and I, waited for our brothers Brod. Herman and Brod. Moses. They will travel to their destination, Bontoc. We will travel with the "travelers" because Abatan, Buguias is on their way to Mt. Province.

This story will be continued next time. I need to take a nap for a while. But I will publish it already for your reading pleasure, untill the time I will be able to write the breath taking trip, from Baguio City to Abatan, Buguias Benguet.

Born in Baguio City to a Bontoc father and a Benguet maiden. Happy to be here

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