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Thou shalt not steal. Thou shalt not covet thy relative's land!

As far as I recall those who talk too loud, know little of the truth and less of the law

Under Philippine law, a co-heir or co-owner may institute a legal action without necessarily involving all other co-owners. This is especially true if the lawsuit benefits all parties involved.

A Co-Heir may Institute an Action Prior to Full Settlement of Estate and Without Impleading the Other Co-Heirs

(Socorro T. Clemente, as substituted by Salvador T. Clemente, petitioner, v. Republic of the Philippines (Department of Public Works and Highways, Region IV-A), respondent; G.R. No. 220008)

Special Order for the creation of survey team to conduct verification survey of Lot 1830, CAD 1088-D, a deliberate distortion of FP-59625 situated at Labueg Kapangan, Benguet, Approved in 1941 Ownership of Carmen Talna Sabaoan Molintas, responds OSEC-2023-004336: IC-OL-JAN-23-0072.

Geo crime lab endorses criminals in a "New Slant" where borders were made to overlap, with at least one monument disabled on titled property. Even the foot path alignment to the land grabber configuration

The irony of this absurd expectation to live off the lands of my family just to lure no other but a sickness of scornful (Paro certifies No Approvals after site investigation of survey map)

"The Law is sacred sanction commanding what is right and prohibiting the contrary" Evil...Ego...Erratum....Eviction

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