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Forging a Future-Ready Nation: Crypto CEO and Business Leaders Advocate for Digital Transformation

Four days of thought-provoking discussions and valuable ideas from the nation's most influential business leaders and entrepreneurs.

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The CEO Summit 2022, which had as its theme "4IR ready: The Era of Digital Transformation," did not let the rain damper the mood at the Baguio Country Club in the first week of April.

Top executives who are reshaping the future of business were invited to speak at the four-day conference. More than 250 high-ranking officials from the public and private sectors were reportedly in attendance at the significant event.

Cordilleran natives, who seek nothing less than equitable and comprehensive progress for their community and people as they march toward autonomy and self-determination, were included in the speaker roster. Among them were Dr. Cameron Odsey (Regional Executive Director, Department of Agriculture), Juliet Lucas (Regional Director of DTI-CAR), Dr. Violeta Salda (Ph.D.), and of course James Sali Dongla (President & CEO of My Services Shop Inc. and Crypto Master Traders, Inc.).

Also present was the honorable mayor of Baguio, Benjamin Magalong, who delivered a speech on the influence of smart cities on the future of business leaders and conglomerates in the twenty-first century and beyond.

As the pandemic has driven all businesses to plunge into the digitization of their operations, Dongla emphasized the relevance of blockchain in his speech, noting that it strikes a balance between transparency and security for all end-users in the process. He also pointed out that his company's goal is to see a mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency throughout the country with the support of banks and government.

In fact, Dongla advocated for public education as the first step to ushering people into the new age of digitalization during a panel discussion with Abbie Victorino, CEO of GoGenie Solutions, and RJ Ledesma, Co-Founder, Chairman, and VP of Business Development, Mercato Centrale.

"Let us start with payment," he said, noting how his company's ServiCoin initiative was all about bringing value to businesses, particularly MSMEs, and redistributing purchasing power to average consumers.

"This season is all about digitalization," he added, emphasizing the need for transparent collaboration between the corporate and governmental sectors.

Indeed, the world is in desperate need of innovative entrepreneurs. They are the ones that seek out issues and find solutions via competitiveness, tenacity, learning from mistakes, perseverance, and patience - ultimately producing a product or service that will benefit the general public.

Ibaloi-Kankana-ey hybrid.

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