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Paracelis lies on the easternmost edge of Mountain Province. It is known as the land of the Golden Seeds because of its corn plantations. Its vast, low-lying plains also make it a rice granary. But there is more to that. Despite the agricultural boom, the municipality can potentially draw the interests of adventure-seekers/nature lovers. Cascading waterfalls, panoramic mountain views, pristine brooks, and primeval forests are just among the tourist spots found in Paracelis.

Now, let me take you to these eco-wonders. It's more fun to be there.

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Tublay in Benguet is slowly rising as an ecotourism hub in the Cordillera region. Like the famed Sagada of Mountain Province, Tublay hosts amazing natural spectacles such as cascading falls, crystal-clear pools, high-rise peaks, white rock formations, and foremost of these, unspoiled caves. That brings us now to Bengaongao cave and Paterno cave in barangay Ambongdolan.

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Benguet is home to Baguio City, the Summer Capital of the Philippines. However, there is more to that. The vast and diverse natural landscapes of Benguet host some of the most scenic and fascinating sights in the country. I have created the following list of tourist spots in Benguet. Take note. Most of these are off-beaten. It is my hope that promoting these for ecotourism would lead into their protection and conservation. After all, many of these sites play integral roles in the economic and cultural lives of local communities.

Without further ado, here are the top 20 tourist spots in Benguet.

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