Congratulations USAF CAPT Santos! Who couldn't be prouder than my wife & I, my daughter Keithley and son Kris, Capt Santos and wife Doc. Christi Anne and Capt Gen's Bro-in-law Travis E. and soon Sis-in-law Samantha N. Today, marks one year passed after his Commissioning in the US Air /Space Force Captain (03) Genesis Karlo T. Santos, RN, BSN, CGFNS, CCRN, MSN Informatics and soon to be member of the CCAT (Critical Air Transport Team), One thing very significant about Genesis is that He humbly & proudly represents Pines City Doctors Hospital /College wherever he goes, Capt Gen misses surfing at Waikiki and at White Sand Beach & driving around the Island and Nortj Shores in Honolulu, HI .... Let us wish him good traveling mercies to Switzerland soon, God bless you both! As always, mom and Pops