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Teresa Soliweg, an Ibaloi, was a potato farmer before she was tapped by Shopwise -- now a big grocery chain -- to supply Baguio vegetables for their first store in Alabang.

"Isa ako sa unang suppliers ng Shopwise. Twenty years na mula noong binuksan nila 'yong store sa Alabang," she recalled.

In the early years of her business, Soliweg personally handled the whole process -- from planting the seedlings to shipping the produce.

Hands-on participation in the supply chain is the secret to business longevity, she said. She had her fair share of sleepless nights and groggy mornings, especially during bad weather when landslides closed all roads that connect the North to the South.

It appears now it was worth it.

She now owns two trucks, which deliver fresh produce straight from vegetable farms in La Trinidad, Benguet.

According to Soliweg, this stable income covered the school fees of her siblings and other relatives. She also managed to build a comfortable home for her family.

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#IgorotSongs #IgorotCountrySounds #Kankanaey #Ibaloi

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Benguet-  The first Honesty store in La Trinidad Benguet was opened on Wednesday during the La Trinidad Highland Vegetable Industry Week. The store will sell fresh organic agricultural products.

The Honesty store in Batanes wowed and informally educated every tourists who visited the place. This inspired the opening of  the La Trinidad Honesty store aiming to offer fresh and safe organic vegetables.

There are two chillers in the store to preserve and store vegetables to prolong shelf life and ensure freshness.

Supported by the La Trinidad employees' cooperative, La Organica, Organic vegetable farmers and the municipal government, you can find the Honesty Store in the municipality of La Trinidad which is open to all.

There will be a log book to record your purchases so you can leave your payments or get your change at the counter. For the members, it will be deducted in their payroll.

The Municipal Agriculturist, Filicitas Tecbaen said that once farmers bring their products, these will be registered to the cooperative so that consumers can easily buy the products 

From the name of  the store itself, this will promote honesty to all consumers who wish to purchase their organic vegetables in the Honesty Store. As there will be no one around to receive your payments,  the only policy in the store is honesty.  

#FirstHonestyStoreInLaTrinidadBenguet #LaOrganica #LaTrinidadEmployees'Cooperative #OrganicVegetableFarmers #OrganicVegetables

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Over the past decade, ancient DNA research has revealed some surprising aspects to our evolutionary history during the past 50,000 years. Perhaps the most startling of these has been the extent to which the ancestors of living people across the planet interbred with other closely related species of human. There's no doubt that different groups of people can look very different from one another. Some genes are involved in observable characteristic differences, and some are involved in musculature-related phenomena.

Many people focus on these, ignoring the vast majority of genes whose differences are insignificant. As migration increases around the Philippines, and the world, features that might previously have allowed our eyes to classify people will undoubtedly become blurred.

Then the small fraction of DNA differences that differ between populations will become even smaller. In the ancient Philippines, these DNA differences were explained by myth and folklore. Two such stories from the Ibaloi people of the Northern Philippines involve Star Maidens who came from the sky.

#Ibaloi #StarMaidens

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As of April 20, 2020, the Tabuk Farmers Multi Purpose Cooperative (TAFAMULCO) has donated around P100,000 worth of goods (3,000 bottles of mineral water, 300 bags of biscuits, 278 bags of rice) to the city government's relief efforts.

Thank you very much!

Via Tabuk Life

#Tabuk #farmers #donations

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Soldiers part of the United States Armed Forces in the Philippines-Northern Luzon (USAFIP-NL) 66th Infantry Regiment of the Philippine Commonwealth Army during WW2.

Most of the 66th Inf. Reg. soldiers were from Benguet Province of the Ibaloi tribe. They were just a small part of a larger group of Igorot soldiers who fought in WW2. For clarification, yes, they were armed with modern rifles and equipment not spears and axes.

During the Philippine-American War, some Igorot tribes sided with the Americans after suffering maltreatment by their fellow Filipinos. However, the Cordilleras became a refuge for Gen. Aguinaldo as he escaped the pursuing Americans. In WW2, the USAFIP-NL 66th Infantry Regiment, Philippine Commonwealth Army, consisting of mostly Igorot soldiers, helped fight Gen. Yamashita's dreaded Imperial Japanese 14th Army Division -eventually leading to Yamashita's surrender in Kiangan, Ifugao.

#Igorot #soldiers #WW2 #Ibaloi #Benguet #Cordillera #Yamashita #Aguinaldo

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