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Hello guys.

I'm Fatima Rosario or Titser Yma. I'm a college instructor in a private school in Caloocan city. Just recently, I've been doing some experimenting in doing business because I want to earn more for my family (my youngest brother is still studying at the University of the Cordilleras) and to help other people (I'm a volunteer since college and has done several outreach programs, I've done one outreach program since the pandemic start). Just last Monday, I've been contemplating on helping a student who chatted me asking if he could stop studying this semester and work to help his parents. This is the reason why I created @Salay.say (follow us on IG). Salaysay is an online business, selling Tote Bags with original artworks (from my students) and a 'saysay' card from a historian (a friend from grad studies who lost his job due to the pandemic) for every product sold featuring their works; they'll get a royalty (30%-40% for the artist, 10%-20% for the historian).

By the way it is pre-order.
You can visit us @salay.say for IG, and this is our FB page

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