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A 4th class cadet of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) was found dead in the bottom of the academy's swimming pool on Friday afternoon (November 8). The cadet was identified as Mario Telan Jr. He is the third cadet from the military school to die in the last few months. Telan Jr. was a classmate of Darwin Dioso Dormitorio, the cadet who died last September due to hazing.

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Igorota Siblings are PMA Topnotchers

In 2017, Eda Glis Buansi Marapao, now a Navy Ensign, became the first female cadet from Benguet to emerge as topnotcher among graduates in the Philippine Military Academy when she ranked number three in her class.

She is also the youngest member of PMA Class 2017 at 21 years old that time.

Three years later, her younger sister, First Class Cadet Glyn Elinor Buansi Marapao, 21 years old, ranked number 8 among the 258-strong members of PMA Class 2019. She will join the Philippine Navy as a proud female Marine officer.

The Marapao family hails from Lengaoan, Buguias, Benguet. Their father is a retired military sergeant.

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The Baguio City Prosecutor's Office has found probable cause to bring to court military cadets and officers linked to the hazing death of Philippine Military Academy (PMA) Cadet 4th Class Darwin Dormitorio last year.

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A Philippine Military Academy (PMA) cadet died after vomiting inside the barracks in Fort Del Pilar in Baguio City on Wednesday.

Officials said Darwin Dormitorio, 20, was complaining of stomach pain and was immediately brought to the hospital for treatment.

The cadet from Cagayan De Oro City, however, died.

The academy said they are still investigating the cadet's cause of death.

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Proud Cordillerans in the PMA 'Mabalasik' class 2019

PMA 2019 "Mabalasik" Class topnotchers and awardees from the Cordillera Administrative Region.

(Starting from from left)

* Athletic Saber awardee Cadet 1st Class Kimberly Joy Saliw-an Baculi of Tanudan, Kalinga.

* Top 6 Cadet 1st Class Richard Balabag Lonogan of Sagada, Mountain Province.

* Top 3 Cadet 1st Class Jahziel Gumapac Tandoc of La Trinidad, Benguet.

* Top 8 Cadet 1st Class Glyn Elinor Buansi Marapao of Buguias, Benguet.

* Top 4 Cadet 1st Class Daniel Heinz Bugnosen Lucas of Barlig, Mountain Province.

#Mabalasik #PMA #Baguio #Cordilleran #Igorot #Pride #topnotchers #awardees

Proud Cordillerans in the PMA 'Mabalasik' class 2019.
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The commencement exercises for the graduating Philippine Military Academy (PMA) "Masidlawin" Class of 2020 have been set for May 22, but parents and guests will not be allowed to attend to spare cadets from being infected with the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19), officials said on Thursday.

The only time the PMA had to cancel its graduation was during World War II. According to the PMA yearbook, Academy Scribe, Class of 1941 was unable to complete four years of training when the Japanese Imperial Army bombed Camp John Hay after attacking Pearl Harbor on Dec. 8, 1941.

"The members of Class of 1942 stand as the only class which was not able to experience the joy of graduation," the Scribe said. PMA alumni referred to this group as "the class to remember."

#PMA #graduation #COVID19 #Baguio #Masidlawin #WW2

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