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Keynote speech delivered by Joanna K. Cariño, Sandugo Movement of Moro and Indigenous Peoples for Self-Determination (Sandugo) and 2019 Gwangju Prize for Human Rights (GPHR) awardee at the University of the Philippines Manila on November 6, 2019.

Igorots in the FQS

Igorot youth and students in Baguio and Manila were active participants in the upsurge of activism of the First Quarter Storm. Aside from joining activist organizations such as Kabataang Makabayan (KM) ang Samahang Demokratiko ng Kabataan (SDK), they organized distinct Igorot activist organizations.

Igorot youth and students in the national capital region organized themselves into the Kilusang Kabataan ng Kabundukan (KKK) and joined in the massive demonstrations calling for system change. Their favorite meeting place was at the home of noted Cordillera historian William Henry Scott, such that these Cordillera activists came to be known as Scotty's boys.

The Baguio-schooled Igorot activists named their organization the Highland Activists (Hi-Ac), which had its base at the University of Baguio. From Kabataang Makabayan, my older sister, Jingjing, became an organizer of the Highland Activists. In addition to Hi-Ac, organizing of many different activist organizations was brisk, and protest actions in the city paralleled those in Manila. Even the town centers of the Cordillera were reached by the upheavals of the First Quarter Storm, especially as student activists continued with their education and organizing activities when they would go home during vacation time.

In December 1971, the Cordillera Congress for National Liberation was held in Bontoc, Mountain Province. Here, more than 50 youthful Igorot activists from all over the Cordillera, coming from the activist organizations in Baguio and Manila and even a few budding activists from high schools in the town centers converged to study the basic problems of Philippine society and the role of the Igorot youth in social transformation. Our main reference was Amado Guerrero's Philippine Society and Revolution, which was the basic study material of pre-martial law activists. There was a special interest in PSR's specific section on national minorities, relevant portions of which are quoted here:

"Special recognition must be given to the need for autonomous government among the national minorities... The vast majority of the national minorities live in the hinterlands and in areas most neglected and abused by the reactionary government. The national minorities have long been subjected to Christian chauvinism and oppression by the reactionaries... The Party recognizes their right to self-determination. They can be united with the rest of the Filipino people only on the basis of equality and respect for their culture or race."

The great Cordillera historian William Henry Scott, or Scotty as he was fondly called, wrote an essay specifically for the Congress, entitled The Creation of a Cultural Minority. Scotty was among the many academics who were greatly affected by the First Quarter Storm, especially as his house practically served as the headquarters of Igorot activists in Manila, and he wanted to make a contribution to this first-ever regional gathering of Igorot activists. The essay was read before the Congress by one of Scotty's boys, Victor Ananayo, on his behalf. [This paper was mimeographed many times over and had continuing relevance in the organizing of Igorot activists not only during the FQS but up to the martial law period and beyond. The essay was later published as a booklet by Malaya Books, Inc. (Quezon City) in 1972 with the title The Igorot Struggle for Independence.

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Proud Igorot OFW is a United Arab Emirates Hero

Proud Igorot, now a frontliner in the United Arab Emirates!

Red Cloud Decaleng Capuyan is one of the healthcare workers who continues to fight COVID-19 in the UAE.

Red is from the Cordillera Administrative Region.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the St. Louis University in Baguio city. He also has an International Interprofessional Wound Care Course at the University of Toronto in Canada.

He has been an Overseas Filipino Worker for five years. He is also the founding president of the Philippine Nurses Association in the UAE (PNA-UAE).

Despite the danger to the chosen profession, Red remains hopeful.

We salute you all Igorots abroad! Stay safe and see you the soonest!

Credit: GMA Pinoy TV

#ProudIgorot #OFW #frontliners #heroes #UnitedArabEmirates #COVID19 #RedCloudDecalengCapuyan

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The Kalinga People of the Cordilleras, Ethnic Group in Philippines

Due to the mountainous terrain and warrior-culture of the people, the Kalinga were able to preserve their culture despite centuries of occupation in the lowlands by the Spaniards, Americans, and the Japanese.

The Kalinga people are highlanders and the most extensive rice farmers of the Cordillera peoples, having been blessed with some of the most suitable land for both wet and dry rice farming. Like the Ifugao, the Kalinga are prolific terrace builders. The Kalinga are also skilled craftsmen, well-versed in basketry, loom weaving, metalsmithing, and pottery, the last centred in the lower Chico River Valley.

On February 22, 2019, the Department of Tourism announced the bid of Digdiga Ni Tupayya, a Kalinga courtship dance, to be included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists.

From ASEAN Heritage & History

Photo Credits: This Is It Photography, Parangal_Org, and others

#Kalinga #ethnic #culture #UNESCO #heritage

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The Igorot Man behind the Iconic Dragon Headdresses

LOOK : LIVING TREASURE a ni Anicito Degay iti Brgy. Patiacan, Quirino Ilocos Sur.

Ti 63 anyos a ni Mang Anicito ket aglaglaga iti disenyo a segun kenkuana ket basar iti tag tagainepna, kas kuma iti dragon, ken phoenix hat.

Us-usarenna ti maysa a klase ti lanot a maaw awagan ti bannito wenno nito. Narigat ti agsapul ti nito ta agpagna pay iti banbantay iti uppat nga oras.

Nangrugi nga aglaga ni Mang Anicito idi daytoy ket adda iti high school sadiay Tublay, Benguet babaen iti maysa a 'subject' da.

Simple a kallugong laeng ti ar-aramidenna idi, ngem idin ta agtagtagainep iti sabsabali a pinarsua kas iti dragon ken babbai a nakakallugong iti billit, pinadasna ti naglaga basar kadagitoy a nakitana iti tagtagainep ket kastoyen dagiti resultana.

Ti kadakkalan a gapuananna a pinanagananna ti Drako ket linagana iti uneg ti tallo a bulan. Sinuportaran daytoy ti lokal a gobierno ti Quirino kadagiti naglablabas nga administrasion ken ti agdama a liderato ni Mayor Allen Nimo. Sinuportaran met daytoyen ti Provincial Government of Ilocos Sur babaen kadagiti naglabas nga administrasion da Hon. Chavit Singson ken Hon. DV Savellano.

Itultuloy latta daytoy ti agdama nga administrasion ni Gov. Ryan Singson. Dagiti gapuanan ni Mang Anicito ket makitkita kadagiti adu a festival ti probinsia kas iti Kannawidan Ylocos Festival. Panawagan da Gov. Ryan Singson ken Mayor Nimo, maaddaan iti gaget dagiti agtutubo a sursuruen daytoy a talento ti Living Treasure tapno saan a mapukaw daytoy a pagpannakkel ti buo a probinsia.

Iti agdama, adda dua a nataengan a sinuruanen ni Mang Anicito. Silulukat latta isuna kadagiti mayat nga agsursuro.

Ladawan : Michael P Escobar
Newsteam : Michael P Escobar, Marvin Parel
Crew : Dan dela Rosa, Marco de Peralta, Santino Castillo
Special Thanks : LGU Quirino, Ilocos Sur, Mayor Allen Nimo, Municipal Agriculturist Marlyn Bad-ay, Marcelo Lucain, Brgy. Capt William Maiyon Sr of Patiacan, and PGIS family headed by Gov Ryan Singson.


#DRAGONS #PHOENIX #hat #Igorot #Patiacan #IlocosSur

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Igorot PHILHEALTH Official: "It is against our Inayan-Culture (in Cordillera) to steal from the poor".

This is the resignation letter of Atty. Thorrsson Keith to the president of PHILHEALTH due to alleged rampant corruption.

Saludo kenka, ATTY. Matago-tago ka!

Credit: The Supply Sergeant PH

#Igorot #PHILHEALTH #inayan #culture #Cordillera

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Igorot Cop killed in Sulu twin explosion

Another fallen Igorot warrior. Igorot Police Senior Master Sergeant Joe Michael Ananayo Langbis is one of the soldiers and civilians killed following the twin explosion in Jolo, Sulu on August 24, 2020.

The Igorot hero is from Ampusa, Tuba, Benguet, and a member of the Philippine Special Action Force.

Our condolences to the bereaved family and friends!

Rest in peace, kabsat.

Photo: Doddie Mendillo

#JoeMichaelAnanayoLangbis #JoloSulo #TwinExplosion #SAF #Benguet #Igorot #hero #warrior

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