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*sings* Ang tempra... ang BAKA ay kasama ng pamilyang BAAK!

Photo: Dimdhes Gracia Liwan


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Ganito ka-astig mga Pulis Cordillera!

Ganito ka-astig mga Pulis Cordillera! Salute!

PSBRC Class 2018 - 1 Kasandagan Highlights - Cordillera Administrative Region Training Center

Audio: The Drum by The Seige

#CARTC #Pulis #Cordillera

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Philippine representative for the Miss Multinational pageant Miss Kimi Mugford, a Filipino-Canadian who is vying for Miss Multinational crown is asking support from her 'kakailyan' in Cordillera.

Miss Multinational is the international beauty pageant for girls across the world with a goal of becoming competitive as one of the top 6 pageants in the world.

In her intro video, she mentioned that her family is proud of their Igorot heritage and she is learning how to speak the kankanaey dialect.

"My family has roots in Bangnin, Bauko, Mt. Province. My mother is proud of her heritage teaching me kankanaey."

#Mugford #Multination #pageant #Bauko #MtProvince #Kankanaey

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Clear skies in Baguio this Tuesday morning, January 22, gave skywatchers a view of the blood moon. It also ushered in the coldest day in the city this year.

According to the PAGASA Synoptic Station here, Baguio recorded 10.4°C at 5:00 am. The past days' coldest temperature in the past week averaged 2°C warmer.

#Baguio #weather #temperature #moon

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Medical services to the people of Mountain Province is expected to be enhanced with the turnover of a CT (computed tomography) Scan machine to Bontoc General Hospital (BoGH) from St. Luke's Medical Center last February 28, 2019 according to Mountain Province PIO.
Rt. Rev. Brent Harry W. Alawas said that Bontoc General Hospital is a lucky recipient of this first-class, state-of-the-art CT scan given by St Luke's Medical Center.
"There was quite a number of big hospitals that were competing for the CT Scan machine, which is not only an ordinary CT Scan but is considered first-class, state-or-the-art and which worth is close to a hundred million pesos," Bishop Alawas said.

#Bontoc #MtProvince #hospital

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