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Apay nga kabkabilan da asin kaleb di kaldero.

Anak: Ma, ammok no apay nga kinabilam si asin san kaleb di kaldero.

Ina: Apay ya?

Anak: Syempre tapno adi matabe san inapoy.

Ina: Haan met ah.

Anak: Anya ngay ngarud?

Ina: Siya sa nan isida tako si awni inpapudot ko laeng.



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Sablan is Benguet's Most Peaceful Municipality - Benguet PPO

The municipality of Sablan was recognized by the Benguet Police Provincial Office as MOST PEACEFUL MUNICIPALITY AMIDST COVID 19 PANDEMIC for the second time around during the Monthly Operational Pulisteniks Awarding, August 2020.

"Peace does not mean an absence of conflicts; differences will always be there. Peace means solving these differences through peaceful means; through dialogue, education, knowledge; and through human ways"_Dalai Lama

Via Sablan MPS

#Sablan #Benguet #peace #Police #PNP #Pulisteniks

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It was not an easy run for anybody to finish an 89 kilometers with 8,620 meters of elevation in the span of two days.
Just like Igorot Trail Runner, Jomar Buclay from Mountain Province, Philippines, he went through a lot of stinging and persistent discomfort during the race to finish in the 35th place.
The 30-year old Buclay of Otucan, Bauko successfully finished the race in the recently concluded 9 Dragons Ultra that was held in Hong Kong on February 2, 2019.
According to, the running competition is an 89km super trail race where runners need to finish in nineteen (19) hours. The race started at 12:00 am of February 2, at Tai Tong Shan Rd. Yeun Long and finished in Tai Po Dr, Tai Po, New Territories.
Buclay finished at position 35 with an elapsed time of 17 hours and 14 minutes from successfully running, climbing, and descending the most difficult trail run in Hong Kong.
Only 82 runners including Buclay finished the race with 92 runners gave up from the one-hundred seventy six (176) race participants.

#Igorot #runner #MtProvince #Buclay #Bauko #HongKong

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Carmel and Riobeth Alcanzarine from Tabuk, Kalinga Province are trying to fulfill their dreams to become the first Kalinga celebrities.

They packed their things and travelled all the way to Manila to audition for a chance to be part of GMA7's reality show, StarStruck.

Part of their dream is to showcase that the Kalinga people can also shine in the field of showbiz.

#Alcanzarine #Tabuk #Kalinga #StarStruck #showbiz

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Seventeen passengers were hurt when a jeepney with faulty brakes rammed an electric post in Baguio City last Friday.

An initial investigation showed that 17 of the jeep's passenger were hurt after they were hurled off due to the impact of the crash.

Those hurt are being treated in a hospital in the city.

#Baguio #jeepney #accident

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