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The Muslim community here raised a P1 million bounty for the identity and arrest of those responsible for the murder of Abejedim Abdullah, an imam who was shot dead last December 6.

Islamic leaders in this city also allayed fears of reprisal or violent acts following the murder of Abdullah and committed to maintain peace and guard against activities that pose threat to the city's security.

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When it comes to pure and warm treatment of visitors either a local or foreigner, Filipino hospitality is something we like to take pride in. From the moment you step off the plane Filipinos will give you a warm welcome and a beautiful smile. Which already gives you a feeling of being at home even though you are in another country. This trait has become a culture in the Philippines and has been praised all around the world.

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A hero rescuer drowned as he saved two boys and his girlfriend who were carried away by strong waves in a local beach in La Union.

He was identified as Igor Sebio Donga-el, 29-year-old and a local resident of Pico La Trinidad, Benguet.

Donga-el, a member of Team Lakay died last night on a beach where the team had gone to celebrate their advance Christmas Party.

An eyewitness said that she saw her teammate signaling for help and all the others on the water waving their hands calling for help because three people were drifted out to sea.

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