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Igorotage is connecting all Igorot from anywhere around the world — to celebrate the Igorot culture and strive to preserve the Igorot heritage.

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Help us maintain the biggest online Igorot community by buying us a cup of coffee or tossing a coin.

12.5% funded

12.5% funded $160 est. annual budget

A Free Social Networking Site for the modern Igorot

Since day one, our goal is to get every Igorot on board and together – understand who are we, learn about our history, celebrate the Igorot Culture and strive to preserve the Igorot Heritage, and share the beauty of the Cordillera to the world.

Igorotage is connecting all Igorot from anywhere around the world — to celebrate the Igorot Culture and strive to preserve the Igorot Heritage.

This online Igorot platform has been around since 2015 with thousands of registered users from all around the world.

Igorotage is 12.5% funded and we are humbly asking for your support.

Why we need your support for this project

Igorotage has always been and will always be a FREE platform dedicated to the entire Igorot-Cordilleran community. We don't collect any amount from you or offer subscriptions in order to access our website.

Using our own personal money and from donations from fellow Igorot, we've managed to kept this community alive and kicking since 2015. Seeing this platform still alive 10 years from now could be one of the most rewarding thing but like any other startups — we lack the financial capabilities.

Igorotage is growing faster than ever and it requires more than what we can afford. We built this Igorot community for free, we never asked for anything other than joining us and sharing your love for our culture. If it's not too much to ask, you can help us continue maintain this project by simply buying us a cup of coffee.

How much do we need?

We're looking forward for another two-year budget — but a year will be enough to make a difference. Straight to the point, we need PHP 20,000 (400 USD) for an optimal server flow annually.

Breakdown (1 year)
18,000 PHP (360 USD)
$30/mo for 12 months
1500 PHP (30 USD)
Domain renewal for a year
500 PHP (10 USD)
Transaction fees

Where will your money go??

The funding from this campaign will be used to renew our domain ( and sustain operations (Server stuff) for a year or so and hopefully use an online storage to increase flexibility, scalability and reliability.

Server Costs

Unlike tradition websites, we manage and maintain a VPS (Virtual Private Server) which is provided by Digital Ocean. For the non-techy, think of Digital Ocean as a computer shop wherein — we rent a computer from them for a certain amount of time. Basically, our allocated time is running out and we need to extend.

Domain Renewal

The Igorotage domain ( is registered on GoDaddy, Check Igorotage. When we already manage to spin a server, they'll provide us with an IP address, something like A website can already be accessible using the address below.

This is when a domain registrar comes in, they'll basically turn into a more human readable format like or in our case, Much prettier right?

We spent thousands of hours maintaing this community. If you believe this is worth keeping, please consider buying us a cup of coffee.

Ready to help us?

Igorotage is community-driven platform — our growth depends on you.

If you believe our cause is for the greater good of the Igorot people and culture, consider buying us a cup of coffee. If you're feeling more generous, you can secure Igorotage for the next 5 or 10 years.

Other ways you can help

You might not be able to donate but perhaps someone else is. You can help us achieve our goal by sharing this page to your friends.


Yes, you can always get your money back. If we failed to reach our target, you can always get your money back, we'll contact you via your email address or you can ask for a refund right now.

We don't want to spend what we didn't earn. We strongly believe that the right thing to do is return them back to you.

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who supported us over the past years. We can only express our gratitude to your generosity by keeping this community alive. What an incredible journey!

Si Kabunyan kuma nan wada ken datako am-in! Matago-tago tako ay Igorot!

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