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Your donation will help us create educational content about Igorot culture and heritage, host more events, and reach more people around the world.


UPDATE: The latest Facebook algorithm has had a significant impact on Igorotage, and we are now facing a serious financial challenge. Our website is no longer able to generate enough revenue from advertising to cover our server costs. If we cannot raise enough money to cover these costs, we may have to shut down our website soon.

Your donation will help us to keep Igorotage online and continue our work in preserving and promoting the Igorot culture and heritage. Every dollar makes a difference, and we are grateful for your support.

Igorotage dap-ay

Igorotage is a free social networking site for Igorot people from all around the world. Our goal is to connect Igorot people and help them celebrate their culture and heritage.

We've been around since 2015 and we've grown a lot in that time. We now have thousands of registered users from all over the world.

We're able to keep Igorotage running thanks to the generous donations of our supporters. Your donation will help us to:

  • Develop and curate educational content about Igorot culture and heritage, such as articles, videos, and podcasts. This content will be accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds, and it will help to preserve and promote Igorot culture for future generations.
  • Host and organize events and workshops that bring Igorot people together, such as cultural festivals, language classes, and traditional dance workshops. These events and workshops will provide opportunities for Igorot people to connect with each other, learn about their culture, and share their traditions with the world.
  • Reach out to more people around the world and share our culture with them, such as through social media campaigns and educational outreach programs. These efforts will help to raise awareness of Igorot culture and heritage, and they will encourage people from all over the world to learn more about this rich and diverse culture.
  • Cover the server costs and technical maintenance of the website. These costs are essential to keeping Igorotage running and accessible to everyone.

Igorot culture is a rich and diverse one, and it is important to us that we do everything we can to preserve it. Your donation will help us to do just that.

Here's a story about how Igorotage has helped someone connect with their Igorot heritage:

"I was born and raised in the United States, but I've always been curious about my Igorot heritage. When I found Igorotage, it was like a dream come true. I was able to connect with other Igorot people from all over the world, and I learned so much about my culture. Igorotage has helped me to feel more connected to my roots, and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it."

Your donation will make a difference. It will help us to keep Igorotage running and growing, so that we can continue to connect Igorot people and celebrate our culture and heritage.

Donate today and help us make a difference!

Here are other ways you can help Igorotage get more donations:

  • Share the donate page on social media. This is a great way to reach a wider audience and get more people to see the donate page. You can share the page on your own social media accounts, or you can ask your friends and family to share it as well.
  • Volunteer your time. If you don't have money to donate, you can still help Igorotage by volunteering your time. There are many different ways you can volunteer, such as helping to create content, moderating the forums, or organizing events.
  • Spread the word about Igorotage. Tell your friends and family about Igorotage and why it's important to you. The more people who know about Igorotage, the more likely they are to donate.
  • Become a sponsor. If you're able to make a larger donation, you can become a sponsor of Igorotage. This will give you your name on the donate page and other benefits.

Thank you for your support!