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Frequently Asked Questions

Simple answers to your most common questions.


Frequently asked questions in general.

Who are the Igorot people?

Igorot people are small, dark, and ignorant people with tails from the mountains of the Cordilleras.

Modern man

Well, that is true — only the last part. The term Igorot is an old Tagalog word, meaning "people from the mountains" and is a general term used to include all of the mountain tribes from the Cordilleras. The Spanish adopted this term, but it was generally used in a negative manner referring to savages and backward people of the mountains.

I am an Igorot at heart. Can I join?

Of course! Igorotage is not limited to the Igorot. It is open to anyone who is willing to learn, share, and discuss about the Igorot culture and traditions, and anything in between. That is, if you agree to our terms of service.

Do we really need a site like this?

Hmmmm...why not?


Frequently asked questions related to this community. More on the technical stuffs.

I wanna be on top of the leader board. How can I earn points?

Points are given to almost every action you make here on Igorotage.

I'm getting a "Language Please!" warning.

Are you swearing? I'm sorry but we try our best to keep Igorotage as "hate-speech-free" as possible. If you believe there was a mistake or you would like to add more to our blacklist, don't hesitate to contact us.


What to do if I found a bug or have other questions related to Igorotage?

Bug Reports

If you file a bug report, your issue should contain a title and a clear description of the issue. You should also include as much relevant information as possible and screenshots that shows the issue. The goal of a screen shot is to make it easy for us to look at the bug and develop a fix.

Security Vulnerabilities

If you discover a security vulnerability within Igorotage, please send an e-mail to us at All security vulnerabilities will be promptly addressed.


If you think you've found an issue or have any other questions not covered above, please email us or visit our Help Center. We are open to suggestions and new ideas to improve this community.