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Mention Sagada and people invariably think about the long, long drive to reach this scenic town in the heart of Mountain Province. But for those who have not yet had the chance to visit, they can still get a sip and taste of what Sagada has to offer in the city-at SGD Bodega in Teacher's Village, and now, at the recently opened SGD Coffee Roastery in Greenhills.

Husband-and-wife owners Rich and Margaret Watanabe may not be from Sagada but they've been supporting the coffee farmers there for several years now through the Coffee Heritage Project. The project helps local farmers plant Arabica coffee, work the farm, harvest the berries, and then directly buys the beans from them at fair prices. What then does the Coffee Heritage Project do with all those beans? That's where the SGD Coffee brand kicks in.

#Sagada #coffee #Arabica #SGD #MtProvince

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Investigation revealed the GL bus was traversing the national road going to Besao, Mountain Province when its wheels suddenly slipped and encroached the other lane, hitting the Rising Sun bus, which was traversing the opposite direction.

Both vehicles incurred multiple damage, while both drivers and 25 of their passengers sustained injuries.

Both drivers and 18 passengers were rushed by concerned citizens to Luis Hora Memorial Regional Hospital, Bauko, Mt. Province, while seven passengers were brought to Bontoc General Hospital, Bontoc, Mt. Province for medical treatment.

Among those injured were Tessie Cawatig Naoy, 59; Ben Benido Carbonel, 83; Buking Santing, 74; Taharis Dalia Yogawen, 11; Eddilyn Bacasan Naubo, 18; Mario Timoac Sildon, 29; Shendra Tad-awan Filog, 20; Esmila Akiapat Paterno, 20; Sabina Lengao, 19; Ruby Joan Masilian Facullo, 50; January Masilian Facullo, 23; Mikaela Gasilang, 15; Myrna Kitongan, 27; Christian Dalapus, 23; Glen Codod Gayagay, 11; and Manuel Mendoza Imatong, 69; Xarwin Degyam 48; Vera Falisang, 25; Verginia Kilito, 38; Jun Kilito, 38; Chrystel Tabora, 32; Jackielyn Challoy, 53; and Janet Aoas, 55.

#GL #RisingSun #bus

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Kyle Jennerman popularly know as 'Kulas' of Becoming FIlipino documented his road journey when he visited Cordillera. " This could be not just of the greatest mountain roads to drive in the Philippines...but in the Wordl! Wow! Driving along the mountain sides in Kalinga is beyond breathtaking, and at times very intimidating," Jennerman wrote is his video description.

"This could be not just one of the greatest mountain roads to drive in the Philippines... but in the WORLD! Wow! Driving along the mountain sides in Kalinga is beyond breathtaking, and at times very intimidating!

In this video you will see JunJun and I driving my scooter from Bontoc through the mountains of Kalinga to Tabuk City. We met some friendly Filipinos along the way and had some beautiful moments! Kalinga Coffee is SOOOO GOOD!"

#Kulas #BecomingFilipino #Cordillera #Kalinga

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