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Students and transient residents stranded in Baguio now returning home

Students and transient residents stranded in Baguio City have begun to return to their respective provinces.


The City Government of Baguio accelerated its coordination with local governments of stranded students and transient residents in the city for their quick return home.

The La Union provincial government sent buses from Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University to pick up stranded residents in Baguio. Up to 100 residents from La Union have returned home.

Based on the data of the Baguio LGU, some 600 stranded residents from La Union have expressed their desire to return home.

Right now, about 3,000 people wanting to return to Pangasinan face another problem, as the Baguio LGU is currently in contact with the corresponding LGU.

Aside from the students, along with transient residents who were stranded are workers and employees in the hotel and restaurant industry, who lost their jobs due to the lockdown.

Some residents from Isabela, Nueva Viscaya, Tarlac and Manila also expressed their desire to return home.

Isabela Vice Governor Faustino Dee has also requested an inventory of the names and details of Isabela residents who are here today in Baguio wanting to return home.

The Baguio LGU is also coordinating with the governors of the Cordillera provinces to provide assistance or transportation services to their stranded students and residents here in the city.

The province of Kalinga has already agreed that the provincial government will only send supplies for Kalinga residents here in Baguio.

Before that, a help desk had been set up in Baguio City Hall for those stranded in the city.

Meanwhile, the LGU of La Trinidad, Benguet has provided free transportation services for the return of up to 200 stranded students today.

Most of them are students from Tuba, Kibungan and Kapangan in Benguet.

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