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PROCOR Regional Drug Enforcement Unit Disbanded

The PROCOR Regional Drug Enforcement Unit was disbanded following the involvement of 2 of its personnel in the murder of a young man in Baguio City.

Regional Drug Enforcement Unit of Police Regional Office Cordillera has been disbanded | File photo
Regional Drug Enforcement Unit of Police Regional Office Cordillera has been disbanded File photo

The Cordillera Regional Police Office (PROCOR) has disbanded its Regional Drug Enforcement Unit (RDEU) after the alleged involvement of two personnel of the said unit in the kidnapping and murder of a young resident of Baguio City this past month of November.

At the same time, PROCOR regional director PBGEN R'Win Pagkalinawan promised to achieve justice for the victim, Harjan Lagman, 25, of Irisan, Baguio City.

Earlier, Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong and the Baguio City Police Office (BCPO) confirmed that two of the suspects in the crime were RDEU personnel of PROCOR.

PBGEN Pagkalinawan said he was shocked and saddened because his fellow policemen committed the brutal crime, in which the victim was beheaded.

He also said that the morale of the entire police force in the Cordillera has decreased because of this, although he asserted that they themselves are the police who investigated, identified, and filed the case against the suspects, including their two service colleagues.

So far, the two policemen have been disarmed and in PROCOR's restrictive custody, although they strongly deny their connection to the crime.

The General also asserted that the case was an isolated incident and that they would not tolerate and neglect any wrongdoing or illegal activities of their fellow police officers.

The Regional Director added that despite the incident, the Cordillera Police remain committed to providing the best possible public service to the people of the Cordilleras and will remain true to their oath as protectors of the people so that they still deserve to be called "Cordillera's Finest".

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