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Drew posted 25 wallposts so far.

This is what we millennials should be doing instead of checking our Fb notifications once every minute.

Keep up the great work kabsat!

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Public Service lang kakailian.

MISSING: Glynanz Nadeydey Timbang, 15yo

Update: Nabirukan da en ijay Aurora.

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The new mayor-elect of Baguio City promised to hold office at the dumpsite in Barangay Irisan on his second day as the summer capital's chief executive.

"My commitment to you is on my second day, I will hold office here in Irisan dumpsite, doon sa pinakamabahong lugar," said mayor-elect Benjamin Magalong.

Magalong said he would invite heads of offices, departments and concerned agencies to join him in spending a day there. "So they will feel, they will experience how they will live in such very, very foul environment," he said.

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