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Igorotage Is Ad-free

Welcome to an internet without ads.

Ads are still the primary way that web masters try to make an income online. But Ads are ubiquitous and annoying sometimes. Today, we're glad to announce that Igorotage is now ad-free from third-party advertising services. Here's why...

  • Slow website. Although our site is super fast, third party ads still make our web app sluggish. According to studies, visitors seem to leave a website that doesn't load within 3 seconds. We've noticed that and it sucks!
  • Ads are intrusive. Ads has a huge effect on bounce rate and convertion rate. Visitors usually can't get to the article they wanted to visit because of ads!
  • Lose credibility. We always wanted to create a community built on trust. We believe that ads can cause readers to lose trust in our web app.

We built and maintain Igorotage for free but we still need to pay the bills. We haven't dropped our native self-serving ad platform so that we could still monetize our site, the right way, to compensate for server costs and paid services we use. If you own a business, please do advertise with us.

If you think we deserve a reward for keeping this online community, please support us on Patreon.

Thanks! Happy browsing!

Last updated Mar 7, 2018.

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