"Coming Back Home after 7 years"

- But I had to go to Camp John Hay to smell the Pine Trees that I miss"

In Badihoy, where our house rests on top of the mountain, was surprised to see how many houses mushroomed and how many dogs roam around making my heart kebkeb all the time.

It's not the smell of pine nor the cold breeze nor the thick fog that welcomes you- instead traffic and pollution will get into your nerves. Although we have the number coding scheme for our cars-nagadu ladta ti lugan BUT awan ti maluganan; Gaddamet! Ironic ngem true.

If you do not own a private car, no contact with any taxi drivers, or the like-magtiis kang maghintay at makipila ng abot hanggang hating-gabi or magmagna ka kitdin tapnu makaawid ka, di bale dakkel metten ti butbutoy.

I can go on and on with a lot of changes in Baguio, rant about million things and say things to agree with all the "wag na tayong magbaguio posts" Gamin- agpaysu. It's just so hard to admit nga Baguio, once the cleanest and greenest city in the Philippines has turned into something else.

Most of us- the earlier generations prefer the Baguio we grew up in, the Baguio we most adore, the Baguio nga simple- where everything is just so serene, so peaceful and so laid back.

Ngem uray kasjay. Baguio will always be my HOME, my fallback. Our own, where our hearts belong. A place where we find strength bago sumabak ulit sa hamon ng life. No matter where we go, Baguio will always have that special place in our hearts. No matter what changes come about. We will still have our Baguio stories and we will always smile whenever we think of coming "home".