He is debatably known as the 'Father of the Telephone'. But Alexander Graham Bell was far more than the inventor the world has known him for. Apart from the telephone, other things bear his imprint - the audiometer, the hydrofoil, metal detector, among others.

Dogged in his dedication to finding ways how to enable the deaf overcome what they did not have so that they can become self-independent and equally confident, he always had every individual's human dignity at heart. It is no wonder that humanist-advocate Helen Keller who defied all the odds of blindness and deafness, dedicated her autobiography to this man.

His grandfather was elocution pioneer, his father - a speech master, both blessed with beautiful voices. But ironically his mother's hearing was impaired and she missed out on the pleasures of hearing their voices. Alexander used to speak to his mother with his lips close to her forehead so she could interpret the vibration of his voice as he spoke. His wife who lost her hearing as a child, was his former student of a system called visible speech. They were devoted to each other and when they passed on, they were only a few months apart.

If he became legendary for his mind and was a gem of humanity, he, too, was a gracious son, a dedicated husband and supportive father.

Meet Alexander and listen about his life. In the process, get to know things. This podcast is in three parts and in two versions: Tagalog and Ilocano. The Ilocano version is from the book "Samut-samut iti Tarikayo" which is also available in print online.

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Photo sources: wikipedia/Wikimedia Commons/national geographic