CHASING DOWN A MIRACLE is an original song by the Igorot Wailer (Bennett Anton) featuring two talented Igorot guitarists, David Reodica and Dale Yongaan. This is inspired by a cancer warrior's courage up against the looming shadow of death.

-- Lyrics
[verse 1]
Skin and bones, she climbed the stage, with radiance in her face.
She gave the crowd a serenade they never could forget.
A stormy ride, she travelled West, following the sun;
Chasing down a miracle, in this California town.

And she is still around, and still fighting on.
The world has said she got no chance at all..
The music in the night, where is it coming from?
How could a song from broken heart...
make her feel alright?

(Kailyan, listen also on Youtube & you can also check out other Igorot Wailer originals in there