HEART OF A CHAMPION - is an original song by Bennett Anton (aka, the Igorot Wailer), a tribute to the modern day gladiators of Team Lakay for showing to the world who the real Igorots are.

Drawing inspiration from the "heart of a champion" they never fail to display every time they fight their battles, we made the song chorus to run something like this...

He's got the heart of a champion...shown while he is down;
On the long road of redemption, see him rising up.
In the twists and turns of battles...
victory belongs to the heart of a champion...
With the heart of a champion... the warrior takes the throne.
-(original music, & performed by Bennett Anton; with lyrics written by Bag-iw)

Although made first and foremost as a tribute to this band of Igorot warriors who, time and time have been bringing glory and honor to our nation; we are very grateful just the same that this humble composition has been accepted as a final entry to the TEAM LAKAY theme song contest.

If its rendition somehow struck a chord deep inside of you, you can show your support to this song by...

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In there, you can also check out the other song entries aside from this one. . I think this initiative by Team Lakay is more than a contest of songwriters and performers; as it also offers an avenue to showcase the depth of Igorot talents when it comes to the field of music.