Little Miss Northern Luzon Tourism is doing good in her community!

Samantha Loelle Reyes, a daughter of Mr. Noel Reyes and Mrs. Liza Reyes, is not only passionate about beauty at her young age but also about helping children in need. Just after winning the title of Little Miss Northern Luzon Tourism, at the inaugural pageant of Little Miss Northern Luzon, she started doing charitable activities by giving smiles to indigent daycare students at West Quirino Hill Child Development Day Care Center by giving school supplies to chosen students hosted by Baranggay West Quirino Hill headed by Brgy captain Anselm M Tao-ing with the help of the Barangay Secretary, Ms. Lanilyn Colos.

"The reason I joined the pageant is that I want to have more volunteering opportunities," our young queen said. "I really just like helping children she added with teary eyes showing happiness."

Her parents share Samantha's passion for charity as together they help the children with needs. They would have to opt for more gift-giving activities since it means a whole lot to be able to serve. Samantha Loelle is particularly kind of the fresh options she is able to give to charity.

The organization that Samantha is involved in encourages the young to give back to their communities. "It's really impacting the local community," the CEO, Vell Watson, said. "So it's vital to get out and volunteer to help others", the director, Kristoffer Tabili, added. We are continually inspired when they work together to make our youngsters happy

"Charity improves our young queens' interpersonal and social interaction skills as they grow old as it is truly needed to create memories during their acts of charity. This builds up values and principles. It makes them live a life with the values they profess. It opens their eyes to see others. It helps them to become grateful for the little they can do. That is why all are encouraged to participate in community development. This is the first step to build our sense of responsibility and obligation towards our queens" said the organization.