UNTIL THE FINAL HEARTBEAT - is an original song by the Igorot Wailer(Bennett Anton) This might make u cry if u have a loved one or a friend suffering from dementia.. but it's alright, as the song goes, we hold on to hope until the final heartbeat.

A rain without an end, is what the doctor said.
Something eating up the mind, and that would explain why.
You forgot the things you do, like saying "I love you."
Like humming to the radio, and you can't tie your shoe. .

[chorus ]
Like the words of a love song, vanished in the blue.
Your mind just wanders somewhere else, no matter what we do.
But it's alright. I will still hold you tight just to let you know;
Until the final heartbeat, I won't give up on you.

--(You can check out the song's full lyrics & guitar chords, in its YT description -- www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVsLrJtUaA0
Thanks for tuning in <3