Angaki, now Quirino, has a language the same with that of Besao, Mt Province.

By: Ma'am Sylvia Gumangan Caslangen Cadalig
Principal of Namitpit Integrated School, Quirino/Angaki -
SAPIT is an Indigenous way of resolving problems without the complications of going to court. It is an amicable way of putting an end to a problem whether a petty criminal case, a warring tribe or a boundary dispute.
The main players in a SAPIT are the able & trustworthy elders, the community officials and the arbitrators (Mannapit)
Today, Nov.30,2022, I witnessed the MOA signing between the 3 conflicting municipalities particularly Quirino, San Emilio and G.Del Pilar on Boundary dispute specifically on the ownership on the site of the magnificent and well known tourist spot Skyline Viewdeck. On Nov.11, they had a prior SAPIT and agreed on many things. However, when they read the MOA, they found some provisions which Quirino cannot accept because it will take their rights to some of their farmlands near Cayus and Malideg, but San Emilio insisted their rights because accordingly it was already agreed on the first SAPIT which elders in Quirino denied and explained their side. So, arguments started again between the 2 (because G.Del Pilar is safe so they remained quiet).But thank God, because He has endowed Mediating prowess to the able and emphatetic negotiators, the Hon. SPM Ben Maggay and Provincial IPMR Quines, who patiently understand and explained the benefit of SAPIT and respecting each other's rights while upholding the IP ideals. They showed long temperance and focus on a win-win process until both parties agreed. Of course with the participation of the Office of the DENR and NCIP having Atty Beligan as one among the mediators.
And at around 2pm the MOA was signed by the 3 local Chief Executives : Mayor Nimo of Quirino, Mayor Bragado of San Emilio and the Vice mayor of G. Del Pilar with the elders as witnesses.
As SPM Maggay explains, the result may not please everybody especially the electorates who are against them but it is the best start for the 3 municipalities to start anew the best legacy they can leave to their constituents.
Despite the arguments,today's endeavor can be considered as a resounding success between the three.
📸 Sylvia Cadalig