Charitable acts can compel or inspire others to do the same. Certainly, our young queen admires any acts of generosity, so she is inspired to do the same. Her good work has begun to stir up her passion and commitment. She sees to it that the joy she brings to people through her good deeds lasts as she wants to begin to see the need to do the same.

Service to the Church is an indispensable aspect of our Church life. This young queen has always been involved in church activities with her whole family and has seen how vital it is to give back to the church and help it deliver better services to the church.

Serving the community is also serving the Church as she believes that we must treat others as we want to be treated. She said that serving the Church teaches spiritual values that are essential to life. She feels that people who do work for the Church need care and help too in order to serve God and His people well. Even doing simple acts such as providing what the church needs matters.

She asserts that let's not also forget to give smiles to people who serve God. She feels that they are instruments of goodwill. This act calls us to journey with God and with one another for His love and mercy for us. She states that when you use the gift for the church the Lord has given unto you through His blessings, you fulfill His will for you in the church. Her mother has been very supportive of her charitable programs, one of which they must do is to give back to the Church where they serve God.

Circling around the region doing charity work, Jesus is Alive Community in Pozzurubio Pangasinan led by Pastor Leo Montenegro and Pastoress Ressucretion Montenegro with Sunday school teacher Melanie Catano was a recipient of one of her charity works.