This "Butattew" has no exact term in English, but I hope we can better understand it by trying to describe how this "Butattew" is. This is like a "torch-light" along old pathways in "Ili" or Igorot villages, especially during dark nights; watching from afar, this "torch-light" appears to be held by passerby where, in one moment it appears as just one "light", then at a twinkling of an eye, another two or three light appears, then after a twinkling, some disappears, then after a while, three or five appears again; and so on and so forth, while you keep on watching them.

The sign that they are "Butattew" and not real passerby, is when you point your finger at them, all the "torch-light" vanishes and they stop appearing. Another sign that they're "Butattew" is, when you feel goosebump upon gazing at them. In recent years, most old footpaths in Igorot villages were not much used, due to the emergence of roads, but these "Butattew" continuous to appear during dark nights. I myself often saw "Butattew" when we were sleeping at Lam-ag Dap-ay, situated at an elevation overlooking at the mountain of Tirad Pass, where old footpaths are. (Lam-ag is in Angaki, now Known as Quirino, Ilocos Sur.)