CITIZEN'S GOOD DEEDS: PCpl Oneil B. Palayen of Alfonso Lista MPS received a cellphone turned over by Mr. Leonardo S. Lubong, ice cream vendor and a resident of Ramon, Isabela.

According to him, he found the Cellphone along the rough road at P6 Carvania of Barangay Sta. Maria, Alfonso Lista, Ifugao.

He picked up the cellphone, proceeded at Alfonso Lista MPS to turn over the said item to the police officers for safe keeping and for it to be returned to the rightful owner.

The personnel of Alfonso Lista MPS headed by PCPT BASILIO K. HOPDAYAN, JR., COP, hail and commend the act of honesty of Mr Leonardo S. Lubong.

May his genuine honesty multiply through other people's acts and serve as an inspiration to all of us.

In addition, the act of turning over the cellphone to the Police personnel of Alfonso Lista MPS shows and signifies the remarkable trust and confidence of our citizens to their police officers.

Credit: Pnp Ifugao Alfonso Lista

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