Green Narra Campsite- A Place to Explore!

Camping is an outdoor activity involving spending quality time with nature, experiencing its beauty, and doing various activities. Individuals spend time enjoying themselves by camping as it brings us closer to nature and eases our stress. Camping provides us with psychological benefits like reducing stress and depression, improving our mood, and increasing our self-esteem.

Honestly, the pandemic accelerated people's interest in camping. So when the COVID-19 pandemic happened, it rapidly increased the number of campers as camping improves emotional well-being.

"Who wouldn't want to camp when it offers safety and more time to explore away from the crowd." This is how Green Narra Campsite began, according to the owners- spouses Abner Nash Masaway and Roxanne Masaway.

Masaway Heights, spanning an area of 7.5 hectares, originated from the Masaway family's vision to construct an access road connecting the main highway of Asin Road to the elevated Masaway Heights. This ambitious project was spearheaded by Mr. Masaway, starting in September 2020. As the construction of the access road progressed, accompanied by his wife Roxanne and his only son Shaun camped atop the hill in December 2021. It was during this time that they envisioned a splendid campsite where they could share the mountain's beauty and captivating surroundings with their fellow campers.

While overseeing the ongoing construction of the access road, Abner devoted his efforts to building the campsite covering an area of 1,500 square meters within Masaway Heights. Finally, in February 2022, the campsite opened its doors, welcoming family, friends, and a few adventurous strangers. Since then, the campsite has been operating with great success.

Nestled amidst the mountain peaks, the campsite offers a picturesque setting, boasting breathtaking views of Mt. Cabuyao, the Lingayen Gulf, and the magnificent sunset over the west Philippine Sea. Situated on flat terrain, the campsite is easily accessible by all types of vehicles, with a two-lane cemented road stretching from Asin Road to the campsite. The gently sloping road adds a touch of anticipation as guests ascend to the summit, revealing the unfolding beauty that awaits them.

Guests at the campsite can enjoy overnight camping in dedicated spots designed for different groups. Each spot is equipped with a gazebo, tables, and chairs, providing campers with a hassle-free setup.

The pricing for these spots is based on the number of guests, with a charge of 300 pesos per camper per night. This fee includes access to all campsite amenities and unlimited brewed coffee.

Additionally, tent pitching fees are applicable for the designated spots that offer their own amenities, including gazebos, tables, chairs, and approximately 100 square meters of prime real estate showcasing the million-dollar view of the mountains and the sea.

To cater to various needs, the campsite features spacious, multipurpose sheds for dining, lounging, and even working for digital nomads. These sheds are equipped with multiple electrical ports for charging devices and ample tables and chairs. Adjacent to the sheds, a cozy bar serves complimentary Benguet brewed coffee and offers chilled drinks at a reasonable price. The campground itself is filled with gravel to prevent mud during heavy rains.

Moreover, a designated campfire area provides guests with the first stack of wood for a pleasant evening around the fire. For those seeking a more private bonfire experience, the campsite conveniently offers a portable wheel campfire delivered right to their spot, with an additional charge for extra wood. Furthermore, four spacious toilet and bath facilities are available, ensuring an ample supply of refreshing mountain spring water.

At Green Narra Campsite, they strive to offer their guests a unique and convenient camping experience atop the mountain. With their dedicated camp master providing world-class service, they aim to create lasting memories that will stay with their visitors for a lifetime.

Why not try camping? when you do it, there's no interruption for your attention. The natural setting is a good stress reduction and relaxation like you can't find anywhere else. Also, it helps you build and strengthen relationships among your friends and families. When you go camping with them, you have a chance to talk without distraction. Not to forget camping is beneficial for children since it can help strengthen bonds among their family members as most are now hooked on technological advancement.

Try camping now and explore more about the benefits of nature!

Are you looking to explore the benefits of camping? Visit Green Narra Campsite soon!