August 29 PODCAST-Albert Einstein

EINSTEIN, is a name that's synonymous to 'genius'. Maybe it conjures up an image of an absentminded polymath. With a bird's nest hairdo to boot. But those would have been welcome flaws for such a great mind.
And why not, indeed?
Afterall, the mind behind it changed the world in ways no other man has ever done before. The thoughts and knowledge that it created spawned the speedy rate of advancement human life has achieved and continue to grow by. Einstein is more than an icon. He was humane. He was as human and as 'organic' as you and me. He has more quirks perhaps. (He hated socks). His first wife was equally a mathematically gifted physicist. He was a supportive father. (Yes he did push strollers, too!) His second wife was his first cousin). He was such an interesting human being that even in death, science refuses to let him go. This three part story introduces the concepts that made him a household name in the first part. His life account starts towards the end of Part 1. The narrative is in ILOCANO and TAGALOG versions.

Photos: from Getty images/Wikimedia commons/Wikipedia/ETH Bibliothek Zurich/

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