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Ito ang sagot sa toilet issue.

Joking aside, I think the LGBTQ** community should not be given a separate toilet.

"Acceptance" yung kailangan nila in the first place. So, pag binigyan sila ng separate toilet.. ibig sabihin parang hindi parin sila accepted.

Hayaan niyo silang pumasok kung san nila gusto at dapat yung mga toilet ay designed with privacy in mind.

Just my thought.


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"PADLI" - Acrylic on canvas by Jayson Duclan

Talented talaga mga Igorot!

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For playing the title role in "Tanabata's Wife," Igorot actress Mai Fanglayan from Baguio City bagged the Best Actress award at the recently concluded 2018 ToFarm Film Festival awarding ceremony. Among the actresses she beat in the category were Katrina Halili and Pokwang, who starred in "Mga Anak Ng Kamote" and "Sol Searching," respectively.

"Tanabata's Wife" marked Fanglayan's full-length film debut. She is a Mass Communication graduate of Saint Louis University in Baguio City, the home city of Sinai Hamada, the author of the classic short story of the same name where the film was based on.

According to Fanglayan, she did not really plan to audition for the "Tanabata's Wife" role. The Baguio City native just accompanied a friend who auditioned for the role, which eventually was offered to her.

Both of Fanglayan's parents are from Mountain Province. Being a newbie, she was surprised to have won the coveted award at the 2018 ToFarm Film Festival, which is the third edition of the annual festival of Filipino films related to agriculture.

#FaiFanglayan #BestActress #ToFarm #Igorot

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An anti-corruption and anti-crime group in the region is questioning the board of the Mountain Province State Polytechnic College (MPSPC) for reinstating a number of dismissed employees without the consent of the Supreme Court (SC).

#MtProvince #MPSPC #corruption

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Traveling to Sagada? Make sure you register, get a guide, ditch disposable water bottles, use local transport, and avoid haggling over the price of your hotel rooms.

The local government of Sagada has imposed new rules to control the number of visitors and impose discipline on tourists trekking the favorite highland destination amid the expected rush of hikers in the coming holidays.

#Sagada #rules #tourism

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A RENEWABLE energy company has completed the installation of P8-million seismic monitors in its 105-megawatt (MW) Ambuklao and 140-MW Binga Hydroelectric Power Plants (HEPP) located in Benguet province.

#energy #Benguet #ambuklao

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