Bona Stella Rivera - One of her dreams came true as she just won the inaugural pageant for LITTLE MISS NORTHERN LUZON 2023! God is Good!

At her young age, becoming a titleholder means having handed an instant job, duties, responsibilities, and opportunities at hand. Thanks to her supportive parents, Mr. Amos Rivera and Mrs. Ursula Rivera. As soon as she had the crown on her head, her parents already knew that it was time to get to work. With this, her parents started strategizing how they could use this opportunity to help the community, so these responsibilities could become a reality to a few.

On account of this, they let all of their friends and families know about the good news. And let them also know that they are now available to do appearances and volunteer opportunities as their daughter is now a pageant titleholder. According to them, the more people whom they know - the more opportunities to volunteer, and spread the message of charity in honor of this new achievement!

One of the ways to find this purpose is to have a platform for charity causes and purposes because they believe that if you do continue to further this purpose, they can make their daughter a channel of blessing to others!

Bona says that she wants to use her crown as a microphone to amplify voices for her passion and bring motivation to what she cares about giving smiles to children's faces. She emphasizes that she can encourage all to find something that excites them to use her crown to make a difference!

So on October 10, 2023, her responsibility commenced. Our young beauty queen put smiles on indigent students' faces by giving them school uniforms with the help of teacher Avhie Binay-an Alacyang and the school principal, Ms. Helen C. Acop, of Lucban Elementary School. This is a year she never wants to forget and she wants to be remembered for this noble cause she has started.

Bona said during her gift-giving that personally, I feel that an essential part of a titleholder's job is to use my crown to influence others. "I was given the honor of this title to show how pageantry is useful and helpful."

It is so inspiring to say yes to all of the opportunities that come her way at her age! It was unexpected that she uttered these words during her charity work. The organizer hopes she could get one year more and even more years as she will go by fast to make the most of it.

She has become an instant role model. She takes her reign seriously and is always conscious of her actions while in the crown. She can be a legacy as she wants to be remembered as a titleholder- to be remembered as hard-working with a smile on the faces of every single one she helps. She can be that girl!
(Kristoffer Tabili)