Farmer's story: 🌾 While walking in the mountain of Buyacaoan with my Uncle Michael on our way to the town of Abatan, Buguias, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a smartphone. 📱 He asked me to teach him how to use Facebook, and I jokingly asked if he wanted to connect and message someone special. 😄 However, he explained that he had just bought the smartphone, after 10 years, a second-hand device so he could check vegetable prices. 🥦🍅 I then told him that he would need an internet connection or data, which is conveniently available in his area. 🌐 Surprisingly, he asked me if it's free! 🆓 This inspired me to create a simple messaging logic using Messenger to keep him informed. 💡 I'm excited to go home this weekend and show him how it works. 🏡👨‍🌾 #farmtech