PODCAST UPDATE: August 1 at "Kuwentong Pilipino sa Tagalog at Ilocano"

EPISODE 61 (Ilocano) and 62 (Tagalog): SHAVARSH KARAPETYAN
His back and legs were covered with broken glass. And people at a distance watched in awe at the young man who was feverishly diving back and forth into the wintry water where a passenger vehicle fell and sunk. Each time his head reared above the water, he carried with him a victim that he passed on to a youth who then carried the victim to a boat. The young man saved many lives that day. His selfless deed almost cost him his life. It would not be the last time that fate would call upon him for sacrifice. This is the story of Shavarsh, the Armenian athlete for whom an asteroid was named.

This PODCAST narrative is now up and running in both Ilocano and Tagalog versions.