FIVE MILES TO HOME - is an original song by the Igorot Wailer (Bennett Anton) It's something to play when you're on the road, homeward bound <3

[verse 1]
Homeward on the skyline highway, cold wind on your face;
Where the mountain trail is winding, keep your eyes awake.
You can't see where you are going, dark clouds swirling low;
When you reach the rocky hillside, got one more road to go.

Take it easy, take your time now,
You're almost home, you're almost home.
It doesn't matter where you came from,
or how long you've been gone.
You're almost home, you're almost home...
...just five miles to home.

...(Complete song lyrics and guitar chords available in its You Tube description --- Please do check it out and read in there too the heavenly place that inspired the writing of the song <3