COLD LIKE DECEMBER an original song by the Igorot Wailer (Bennett Anton) Although it sounds like a love song, this is his "Igorot rock 'n roll way" of wishing you all a merry, merry Christmas from the bottom of his heart <3

..It's designed for easy sing along so we can all jam on it if we feel like these Christmas songs they play on the radio are somewhat getting old..

[verse 1]
Lights on the skyline, and old Christmas songs;
Have lost all the meanings, we had felt years before.
Can't go on pretending, so I drank all the wine;
It's you that I'm longing, and I'm losing my mind.

I look at these lanterns, like they're ghosts in the night,
They just remind me, you're not by my side.
I took you for granted, and it drove you away.
Well I should have asked you to stay.

Coz I'm cold like December, blue as the ocean.
I'm so down at the bottom, since the day you've been gone.
Well, darling I'm sorry, for breaking your heart,
Now that it's Christmas, will you come home at once?

(Provided herein is only the first half part of the song. Full lyrics & guitar chords are available in its You Tube description -- Please don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to the Igorot Wailer channel if you happen to be there)