ROMINA was an indentured overseas worker, commonly known as OFW or overseas Filipino worker. She arrived in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in July 12, 2018 under a standard OFW employment contract as household service worker for a family of 4.
She found herself the sole domestic help of a large villa of a large family. 
While there were 4 steady tenants, the home villa served as hang-out for this family of 9 adults and 5 grandchildren. Two adults without children were alternately staying-over or days on end.  The married adults with children were regular everyday meal-visitors. She has no day off.  She worked 14 or more hours every day. On July 19, just over a week since she arrived, she started to suffer exhaustion, nausea, shaking and cold sweating. She had severe physical pain on the right side of her back, making it excruciating to perform regular chores.
Romina's story is one of 8 stories in this book: