The recent FIBA 2023 tournament, held across three different locations, including the Philippines, delivered somewhat disappointing results, to say the least. Viewers, particularly the "fanatics", expressed their frustration throughout the tournament, often directing their ire at the coach. These reactions stemmed from our high expectations of winning in basketball. It's time for a reality check, folks!

While I'd like to remain hopeful, the truth is that the Philippines is unlikely to become a contender anytime soon; we'll remain as a "participant" in the sport for the next 50 years or so. But let's shift our focus away from basketball for a moment and consider something where we might have a real chance at an elusive international medal-football (or soccer, if you're American). That's Football101 for you; no charge for the lesson!

And what are more fitting models than the Menzi Brothers of Kapangan and Tublay from the beautiful province of Benguet. Three years ago, I highlighted the dynamic Audie Menzi, who became the first Igorot to score an international goal. Audie, or AudiLodi as his friends jokingly call him, is a member of Kaya F.C.-Iloilo and has been chosen multiple times as a member of the famed Philippine Azkals. As he enters his seventh year with Kaya, Audie hopes to inspire his fellow Kakailyans to pursue their dreams, especially in football. He added, "Barang adu sumaruno kanyak".

Joining Audie in this pursuit is none other than his older brother, Mr. 0% bodyfat Michael Menzi. Michael's unwavering dedication, both mentally and physically, has secured him a spot as a member of the Stallion Laguna F.C. His rise to prominence in the football world is all the more impressive considering the adversity he faced due to an injury that nearly ended his career. You might even call him the modern-day Rocky Balboa.

So, Kakailyans, let's be part of this golden era in Cordillera sports. Watch these brothers shine and draw inspiration from their exceptional talents. Both of these gentlemen will be competing in various locations, including China, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines and Korea. Check out their schedules below, and see you at the games, mga igoys!