Here's my piece of mind regarding the traffic jam that shook Baguio up during the holidays in 2015, this facebook post was from that year. I am reposting this through Igorotage in the hopes that it will gain traction and somehow come into fruition. I guess in present day 2023, there are some things that came true, like the traffic command center.

I wish it'll not only gain a voice here but in other sectors or groups. Ultimately I hope it'll gain a foothold and not only stay here in cyberspace. Some may be out of this world but, sometimes out of this world ideas have changed a lot of things.

So here are some of my suggestions and comments, some long term some can be implemented right NOW!

1. Ditch those millions spent for roads. We don't have ROOM for new roads. We can only maintain existing roads. Any numb nut person believing politicians that we will make new roads is pure BS.

2. Spend those millions for a centralized traffic command center, and install traffic cameras in ALL the streets, intersections and pedestrian lanes. Traffic cameras that are installed not only facing the oncoming traffic but also with the flow of the traffic to get the best coverage They can also serve as eyes in keeping crime at bay.

3. Install timed traffic lights, like the lone one in harrison road, this will help motorists anticipate stopping before an intersection and in unison with the traffic cameras, it'll make identifying erring motorists easier.

4. Enforce the yellow box rule in making intersections clear. Anyone caught within the yellow box, even if the light is green but there is no room for his car to clear the yellow box, should be issued a ticket. Clear intersections have proven time and again that it helps clear traffic better. We have the nasty habit of tailgating the car in front of us even though we're bound to block the intersection. Same is true for pedestrian lanes.

If no enforcer is present during this time, let the traffic cameras do their job of identifying the vehicle. And coordinate with LTO in flagging these violators in their system, that when they register their car at any LTO office nationwide, they can't. They have to pay the fine and the corresponding charges before being allowed to register. ( I think this is feasible, the MMDA i reckon has done this, anyone, please verify, thanks).

5. Get those cops on bicycles, though La Trinidad has a couple, Baguio should have more. It'll increase their response time and make them fit as any cop should be.

6. ENFORCEMENT. The word that all our local police and enforcers SORELY LACK. The reason why we had such terrible traffic, it's because THEY and sadly WE tolerated these abusive motorists to do what they wanted to do. Nobody's scared of these enforcers anymore. They are only good at removing license plates, a time consuming and useless endeavor. Why not use digicams instead, by taking pictures of the license plates and car makes of those violators and the location of the violation and upload it to the LTO system as suggested at number 4. I am sure they will catch more violators that way and will avoid confrontation by those erring motorists.

7. Impose a no parking space, no car rule for all residents. Have 2 cars but you have them all lined up on the street? No way. Give Baguio residents 5 years to make a garage for all their car/s.

8. Require ALL hotels and inns in Baguio to include not only room reservations BUT also PARKING RESERVATIONS. If they have booked a room but the hotel has fully booked parking slots...we go to number 9.

9. Identify a location where a "car dorm" can be set up outside of the city limits in all major highways leading up to Baguio. Where ALL the hotels and inns will have waiting shuttles for their guests. Visitors will only be allowed to bring in their cars to the city if the hotel they are booked in have vacant parking slots.

10. Have ALL hotels and inns register the number of parking slots they have at the city. If they are found accommodating more than what they registered, they'll be fined 2k per car.

11. What about guests of Baguio residents? Please refer to number 7. Any car that is parked in a no parking zone is a violation. Refer to number 6 for this.

12. Standardize all traffic signs and relocate them to make it clearly visible. Ditch those signs "sponsored" by SM, jollibee or the like.

13. Inventory ALL taxis and public transportation and weed out ALL colorum vehicles.

14. RFID ( Radio Frequency Identification) - It may be far fetched but installing these on ALL public transport, it'll monitor their activities and even instill discipline. The RFID readers can be installed where the traffic cameras are.

15. Fines and charges will be used to maintain and upgrade the traffic command center, and yes PAY for COMPETENT and HONEST personnel tasked to implement all of the ones listed above.