Ganduyan Sagada Bucks wins 2nd in its first time bid in the 2020 Pacific Super game against 12 competing national teams from Korea, Taiwan, and Philippines on Jan 2-5 at Clark Intl Sports Complex, Pampanga. The team won 4/5 games playing regulation for each win, with the following scores:

vs Jhong Jheng (Chinese-Taipei) - 15-8
vs Baliti (Philippines) - 10-0
vs Blue nine (Korea) - 14-2
vs Taguig (Philippines) - 18-2

The team lost its bid against Tysa (Chinese-Taipei), 5-6 on their first game.
Ganduyan Bucks is a baseball team coming from Sagada. The athletes are selected from different barangays of the municipality.

They will be competing again in the upcoming Philippine Series this summer.
Practice/training with strong discipline and teamwork indeed makes the team win forward.