"THEY ARE FLYING HOME"...is an original song by Bennett Anton (the Igorot Wailer)...dedicated to all the men and women in uniform, and to the orphans and widows as well.

While this is inspired by the heroism and sacrifices of our soldiers, it also pays tribute to the orphans and widows left behind by the fallen. As it sings about the sorrow of a child waiting for the return of the good times that are not coming back; and a lady in wait for her lover who was shipped to the war.

...the first verse and the first chorus poetically run like this...
[verse 1]
Raindrops kiss the roses, where sparrows come to play;
Where rainbow paints the skyline, in time to fade away.
A young child by the window, about to feel the blues,
As shadows hide the answers, for things she ought to know.

"Where are the sparrows? They didn't come to play.
Could it be, the words I said, that drove them all away?"
The sun is going down, tomorrow she might know,
Oh they won't come... coz they are flying home....

...NOTE: the complete SONG LYRICS & the accompanying guitar CHORDS are available in its You Tube description. You may CLICK on this link if interested ---->www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Ph9a4-fAPc
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