Generosity is now considered contagious. A simple act of charity may change the course of the world, especially among learners.

Adopting pupils as a part of an advocacy among public schools through campaigns is not only beneficial for learners and parents but the community as well.

The charity works for the greater good of individuals being helped. Definitely, it is often told not to expect anything in return when showing kindness. This young beauty queen aims to empower her fellows to be academically inclined and through this initiative- the "FACE OF CHARITY" voluntarily provides financial assistance to identify pupils as they are empowered to empower other young children in reaching their dreams and as part of her charity work and to fulfill of one of her duties as one of the reigning young queens of Northern Luzon.

With this noble cause, this adoption is purposely to provide financial assistance to identified pupils in support of the Pupils at Risk of Dropping Out Coordinator project "Anak Tako Badangan Tako". It serves also as an effective intervention to reduce or prevent Pupils at Risk of Dropping Out (PARDOs). From the project's title itself, the school and the partner are united in helping the identified learners. In context, both serve as parents' help providing help in the capacity that they can extend.

The five beneficiaries were chosen from grade one learners of Quirino Elementary School in Baguio City with the help of their adviser to ensure that the pupils chosen are indeed deserving of the financial assistance extended as the school recognizes that delivery of quality education comes directly and indirectly in many forms and as such it includes the provision of school supplies and through meeting other needs affecting the scholastic performance of the learners; however, there are instances where pupils performance will deteriorate and can lead to the worst scenario: dropping out of school. One reason for a pupil to drop out is due to financial challenges and pupils who are in such a predicament are called "Pupils at Risk of Dropping Out (PARDOs)". Each beneficiary receives cash assistance on a monthly basis for a year.

Bona Stella asserts that doing charity work is helping people even when she knows they do not have the capacity to repay. She also claims that showing kindness to people can create a chain reaction causing that act of kindness to find its way back to the community as she believes that doing good always has a way of coming back to us and also firmly believes that it really is better to give than to receive.

She hopes that these beneficiaries will also show kindness to people when they become able in life as they grow old. Being good to people who are overwhelmed by our act of kindness makes them feel the need to do the same for others. She wants them to also vow to help individuals who may need their help in the future.

This young queen wants to emphasize that one little act of kindness gives birth to several other acts of kindness.