Igorots are resilient people. When God sends them endless rains, instead of complaining, they see an opportunity to rock 'n roll, all the while counting their blessings..

The Igorot Wailer is no exception. Believing that if the rhythm of the rain has a genre, it would be rock 'n roll, he came up with this song one rainy night last year.

I think this one's perfect for "singing along with"...especially for old friends meeting up in Lakandula hehe..

I hope you guys give it a listen, and perhaps dance to it, before the moon of August finally goes down.

-with original music& performed by the Igorot Wailer (Bennett Anton)
-Lyrics written by Bag-iw ......../18/aug/2020

[verse 1]
The rain is getting harder, there's water everywhere.
I'm thinking 'bout the summer, the first time I met her.
I lost her way back '98, she took the uptown road.
Her shadow always follows me, wherever I may roll.

Been rolling like a stone, choosing where to rock n roll.
But the August rain is pouring on, the nights are getting cold.
So I'm strumming my six-string, to warm this room with songs.
And thank the Lord for blessing us, with good ol' rock n roll tunes.
[verse 2]
I don't blame the weatherman, who got it wrong again.
If I were him, I'd close my eyes, and listen to the wind.
Hey listen more to rock n roll, and you might know in time;
The seasons of the rainy days are but repeating rhymes.
[verse 3]
The rich man laid down the rules, on how to live my life.
They bottled some clear water, and tagged it with a price.
But I dare defy the rules, by drinking from the rain.
And pray the flood will wash away, the greed of other men.
For more Igorot Wailer original rock 'n roll, feel free to visit him on You Tube www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7vgUL7QWCQ
Thanks for tuning in, kakailyan <3