February 27, 2024
TAGALOG - A Way to connect or reconnect with heritage
(*note: to date no Filipino language is carried by any online platform. But Tagalog is the most spoken one both in the country and in the diaspora. It still is the language that Philippine ethnicity is ascribed to.)

He was called Tamujin at birth. It was said that when he was born, he held a blood clot in his fist. It was a portent perhaps of an extraordinary man he will become and the extraordinary life he would live.
Meanwhile, at another time, a big turbulence stirred up by human greed and lust for power would spread through time and vast land. It would lay the foundation of a society of outstanding homogeniety.
Not so far away, in time and place, there emerged a man whose truth and loyalty would be turned against him by the very entity he would serve with his life. Not once but twice. Still, his love to serve his people never waivered. He would become a legendary admiral still unsurpassed even today.
Talk about modern-day heroism and you won't get past this incredible swimmer whom an asteroid would even be named after.
The narratives are in Tagalog for the benefit of Tagalog speakers and second generation Filipinos in the diaspora. Reconnect with heritage by reading Tagalog narratives and expanding your Tagalog.
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