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Galing ni Igorot-san haha

LEVEL: Sensei

Additional info:
"~ san (~さん)" is a title of respect added to a name in Japanese. It can be used with both male and female names, and with either surnames or given names. It can also be attached to the name of occupations and titles.

Sensei (先生 【せんせい】) (literally meaning "former-born") is used to refer to or address teachers, doctors, politicians, and other authority figures. It is used to show respect to someone who has achieved a certain level of mastery in an art form or some other skill, and is also applied to novelists, poets, painters, and other artists, including manga artists.

#IgorotSan #IgorotSensei

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Jampacked crowd at SM City Baguio (official) for the 5v5 Mobile Legends Tournament. What a waste of time.

#wheninbaguio #baguiocity #baguio #mobilelegendsPH

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