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When we talk about caving in the Cordillera region, the popular town of Sagada in Mountain Province would first come to mind. That comes as no surprise.

After all, Sagada's limestone-covered landscape is dotted with at least four grand caves, each boasting of stunning rock formations. Now, if you have been visiting Sagada for a number of times already and would like to chase a new spelunking experience, why not try the caves in Benguet.

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Yan tayo e, advance magisip jeje

Sidenote: Concrete roads have a long service life of forty years, whereas asphalt roads last for ten years. More over, during this service life concrete road do not require frequent repair or patching work like asphalt roads.



Anong tawag niyo rito? Haha agas kanu ti "agis-iseb" jai danum jai unneg na ya haha