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Atty. Kizel Cotiw-an: Igorot Artist Promoting Igorot Culture Through Art

Atty. Kizel Cotiw-an, Igorot Artist from Buguias, Benguet, advocates for the promotion of Igorot culture through art.

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Atty. Kizel Cotiw-an, Igorot Artist from Buguias, Benguet, advocates for the promotion of Igorot culture through art.

Atty. Kizel Cotiw-an is an Igorot artist from Buguias, Benguet who advocates for the promotion of Igorot culture through art. She is known for her colorful and whimsical illustrations of Igorot culture and her use of traditional Cordilleran motifs in her work.

Cotiw-an's art is inspired by her childhood in the Igorot tribe in the mountains of Benguet. She grew up hunting wild insects, gathering mountain tea, catching tadpoles, and eating sweet potatoes. These memories of a happy childhood are evident in her work, which often features children playing in nature or interacting with animals.

Cotiw-an's art is also influenced by her Igorot heritage. She draws on traditional Cordilleran motifs, such as the sun, the moon, and the stars, in her work. She also incorporates elements of Igorot mythology into her illustrations.

Her work is often described as "colorful," "whimsical," and "dreamlike." She uses a variety of media, including watercolor, acrylic, and digital art. Her work has been featured in exhibitions in the Philippines and abroad.

After passing the bar exam in 2022, Cotiw-an is now a lawyer who uses her skills to advocate for the rights of Igorot people. She believes that art and law can be powerful tools for social change. She hopes that her work will help to raise awareness of Igorot culture and heritage and to promote justice for Igorot people.

Cotiw-an studied art at the University of the Philippines Baguio. She graduated with a degree in Fine Arts in 2012, cum laude. Her published works include:

  • Ang Inkredible Coloring Book for Big and Small People Book 1 (Anvil Publishing, 2015)
  • Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (contributing artist) (Pickatale, 2015)
  • Little Girl Catching Tadpoles (featured at the Euro-Pinoy Arts Exhibition at the Yuchengco Museum, 2022)
  • The Water Spirit (featured at the Euro-Pinoy Arts Exhibition at the Yuchengco Museum, 2022)

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